Get Connected

At Deliverance Church Airways, we know that life is people living everyday together – not alone. Beyond a service or weekend experience, we know it’s vital to connect with others so you don’t feel lost in the crowd. The more you read the scriptures you’ll realize that the Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of Together. We weren’t created to live life alone. Life change happens within the context of relationships. Join a Group and begin living the life God intended – a life in relationship with others.

Lifegroups are a great place to make friends, be equipped for the challenges of life and to grow in God.

All Lifegroups

Life GroupsLife Groups LeadersMeeting Time
AMETHYSTMr. RichardSunday
BERYLBrenda KisiluSunday
CHRYSOLITEDecon. Barasa SitumaSunday
EMERALD Caroh KijedishFriday
JACINTH Purity GathegeraSunday
JASPERJoyce WambuiThursday
SAPPHIREMr. Simon KariukiSunday
SARDONYXGrace MakhunguSunday
TOPAZDecon. Robert MuchinaSunday
RubyMr. Joseph KamauSunday

Lifegroups venues are usually arranged by life group leaders and communicated to members in their respective groups, for more information in regards to Life Groups meeting time please contact us at